A follow up to the wildly popular Studio Lighting Guide, which introduced photographers into the basics of studio lighting, comes fashion photographer Lindsay Adler's second in the series — The Ultimate Creative Studio Lighting Guide e-book. 

Join creative lighting master Lindsay Adler as she opens up an entirely new world of lighting and shares her favorite creative techniques. Gels, grids, and unusual modifiers — you’ll find it all here. High key, low key, dramatic, or glowing light — there is a wide range of light styles to fit whatever mood you want to bring to life with your lighting. 

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of guides on studio lighting but none give you this range of creative looks with the exact information needed to recreate them. From beginner to advanced lighting, there are creative solutions in this guide that will work for you whether you have 2, 3, or 4 strobes at your disposal. 

Creative Studio Lighting Guide

Each setup includes a detailed list of EXACTLY what you need to recreate the shot including:

1. Gear list
2. Camera gear, lens choice and settings

3. Power of each light
4. Exact distances and height of each light
5. Detailed diagram
6. Several behind the scenes shots
7. A control mannequin shot


This is the ultimate guide to unleashing your creativity with studio lighting 


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About the Author - Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer and educator. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including Marie Claire, InStyle, Noise Magazine, Zink Magazine, Elle, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and dozens more. As a photographic educator, she is one of the most sought after speakers internationally, teaching on the industry's largest platforms and most prestigious events, having been named one of the top 10 best fashion photographers in the world. Lindsay has worked with some of the top brands in the photographic and related industries such as Canon, Adobe and Microsoft.   

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